Meet our people: Erik

(Y)our man for all advice on film constructions!

Let us introduce you the people behind our film and water storage solutions.

Meet Erik! Erik stepped into NPI’s backoffice in 1997. With a small detour to our logistics department, in 24 years he developped himself as technical sales consultant. And with his technical insight and his in-depth knowlegde of all sorts of films, he is the right man in the right place. He is (y)our man for advice on all kinds of film constructions.

Project management he enjoys most. Supervising from A to Z and being involved in all steps; from measuring and technical drawing to delivery. The list of projects on his name is long; ponds, basins, sludge depots and so on. This means Erik is on the road often, keeping in touch with customers and assisting at projects throughout the Netherlands.

The last years his boundaries are shifting, both literally and figuratively. Besides his ungoing film projects in the Netherlands, he started specializing in water storage solutions. He provides assistance at water storage projects abroad and visits various fairs all over the world, which means you might also bump into him in Mexico, India or Vietnam.

Erik is a real people person and enjoys nothing more than looking for solutions together with the costumer. He answers any customer’s request with the best film solution and result. Whether it concerns a request to fight the Japanese knot weed or to prevent gas release from contaminated soil.

To many more film and water storage solutions by Erik!