Galvanised steel roofs

Ensuring the highest quality of water in all circumstances!

Protect your water

Fresh and clean water is the key to your business! For many applications, a reliable supply of clean water is indispensible. The water needs to meet drinking water standards and/or needs to be free of dirt, debris, contaminants and bacteria. UV light should be blocked to avoid the growth of algae.

When you are looking for the maximum protection of your water we recommend you to install our steel roof. Our galvanised steel roofs are the most reliable and robust covering systems on the market. The roof is designed for all weather circumstances and can withstand snow loads and strong winds. The roof prevents:

  • Dirt and debris entering the tanks. No external contamination.
  • Direct sunlight, significantly reducing the growth of algae.

Easy installation

The roof consists of lightweight, easy-to-handle panels that can be linked together to create a watertight roof. The steel roof is provided with two hatches as standard to allow access to the tank.

The advantages

  • Protects against any form of contamination
  • Prevents evaporation
  • Protects against all weather conditions
  • Easy to install
  • Saves on filtration and water treatment
Save on filtration and water treatment! Contact us for more information about the steel roofs.
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